To be the last remaining player or team by repeating other players hand gestures and adding one of your own.


If there are only four teams then all players from all teams are involved in this event.   If there are 6 or more teams, each team will select two participants for this event.   Players will sit around a table alternating team members (1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc).  Teams will designate a leader to play rock/paper/scissors or draw cards to see who will be the first leader of the game.  All players will start slapping their knees or the table as the leader yells out "What is the name of the game?" All players reply "THUMPER!" The leader then yells out "And why do we play it?" Players reply "TO GET FUCKED UP!".  The leader will then make a hand gesture.  The player to the left must repeat the first gesture and add one of his or her own.  The 3rd player will repeat only the 2nd players gesture and add his or her own and so on.  If you use a gesture that has already been used in the same round, take too long to make a gesture, or mess up the gesture of the person before you, you will have to drink your beer and be eliminated from the game.  When somebody messes up, a new round will start with the person to his or her left becoming the new leader.  At this point, all gestures from the last round are back in play.  The last person wins the game for their team.

If Thumper is played in a tournament style competition, all 6 players will sit around the table, each player will pick a specific gesture that is theirs for the duration of the game.  Whenever your gesture is made, you have to answer with your gesture, and then use somebody else's gesture, if you take too long, mess up your gesture, or use a gesture that is not in play, you are eliminated.

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