Be the team to make the most combined quarters after 3 rounds


This event requires all 3  teammates.  Two teammates will have 10 quarters to start.  The third will be shagging misses.  On "GO" they will attempt to make as many quarters as they can in 30 seconds.  After the initial 10 quarters, either teammate may pick up the remaining quarters, so as an example, one teammate may make 12 quarters, and the other one may make 8 to get to the full 20.  At the end of the time limit, the shooters will put all remaining quarters on the table, and step back.  Only the ref(s) will count the quarters, if you empty and count the quarters on your own, your score will not count for that round!  There will be 3 rounds for this event (Teammates A&B, B&C, A&C).  The team who makes the most COMBINED quarters from all 3 rounds will be the winner.  In the case of a tie, the teams that are tied will have a one round shoot-off with any 2 of the teammates they choose.  If a team makes all 20 quarters in the allotted 30 seconds, they will be awarded 5 bonus points for each round they do it, so a "perfect" score would be 75 (20 quarters plus the 5 point bonus in all 3 rounds).

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