Bounce your ball, drink your beer, flip your cup


All 3 teammates are needed for this event.  Teams will line up in relay chug lines and be timed, not head to head (unless tournament style).  Fasted time is the winner.

Each player will have a cup with 12 ounces of beer in it.  It is very similar to flip cup, except there is an added requirement.  On go, the first player will attempt to bounce a ping pong ball into his cup, on a successful bounce, they will then chug their beer, then flip their cup.  On a successful flip, the 2nd teammate will then do the same thing, followed by the 3rd.  Fastest time is declared the winners.

If it is in a tournament style competition, the rules will be slightly altered.  It will be ran head to head in an elimination style format.  Everything is the same, except, the cups will only be filled to the bottom line (4 ounces).  After a successful bounce, drink your beer, and flip your cup...the fastest team to complete this will eliminate one player from the other team, the winning side decides who they want to eliminate.  In the 2nd round, it becomes 3 on 2, with one person on the 2 man side having to do double duty.  If it goes to 3 on 1, one person has to do all 3 cups for their side, if it goes to 2 on 2, then one cup is also eliminated from play, so nobody has to go twice, play continues until one team is completely eliminated.

The second option is generally how the game is supposed to be played, however the rules needed to be modified in the case of a fastest time competition.


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