One of the last teams that signed up for the Fall '10 Beerfest.  The team was originally supposed to feature a returner from the first Beerfest in Paul Coats who was a member of Broken Lizard.  Paul wasn't able to arrive on time though leaving Tommy and Tyson to pick up Josh Reich.  They made a good run at Team Schnitzengiggle losing to them by in three events by a total of about 2 seconds.

While all 3 members were new to Beerfest, they made an immediate impact by winning Turbo Quarters.  In all that was their only first place finish in the entire competition though, but placing 2nd in 6 events, including: Bat Spin, Ping Pong, Flip Cup, Thumper, Volume Chug,  and Boat Race kept them in the running for the crown, but a 3rd place finish in Beer Pong may have cost them in the end.  Winning just one or two more events may have made them Beerfest Champions!

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