1st Place Finishes: Team Schnitzengiggle 15, Sheep Shaggerz 9, Damaged Goods 5, Steingrabbers 4, E=MC Hammered 4, Ballsagna 4, Ze Dirty Harry's 4, Thieving Stable Boys 1, Cheeky Bastards 1, Broken Lizard 1, John Beers 1

2nd Place Finishes: E=MC Hammered 10, Sheep Shaggerz 10, Thieving Stable Boys 7, Team Schnitzengiggle 4, Ballsagna 4, Ze Dirty Harry's 4 Broken Lizard 3, Cheeky Bastards 2, Steingrabbers 2, Damaged Good 2, John Beers 1

3rd Place Finishes: Sheep Shaggerz 11, Thieving Stable Boys 6, Damaged Goods  6, Team Schnitzengiggle 5, Bearded Clams 5, Cheeky Bastards 4, Cereal Killers 3, Assholes 3, Ze Dirty Harry's 2, Broken Lizard 1, Scooter Shooters 1, John Beers 1, E=MC Hammered 1

4th Place Finishes:  Sheep Shaggerz 11, E=MC Hammered 5, Broken Lizard 4, Cereal Killers 4, Ze Dirty Harry's 4, Scooter Shooters 3, Damaged Goods 3, Thieving Stable Boys 2, Cheeky Bastards 2, Coocas 2, Steingrabbers 2, John Beers 2, Random Hero's 1, Assholes 1, Rainbow Warriors 1

5th Place Finishes: Cereal Killers 12, Sheep Shaggerz 6, Scooter Shooters 3, Coocas 3,  E=MC Hammered 3, Rainbow Warriors 3, Fuck Ups 2, Assholes 2, Team Schnitzengiggle 1, Random Hero's 1, Bearded Clams 1, John Beers 1, Ze Dirty Harry's 1

6th Place Finishes: Fuck Ups 6, Random Hero's 5, Cereal Killers 5, Rainbow Warriors 4, Coocas 2, Bearded Clams 2, John Beers 2, Assholes 2, E=MC Hammered 1, Ze Dirty Harry's 1, Sheep Shaggerz 1

Last Place Finishes (regardless of how many teams): Cereal Killers 9, Fuck Ups 6, Sheep Shaggerz 6, Random Hero's 5, Broken Lizard 4, Rainbow Warriors 4, Cheeky Bastards 2, Coocas 2, Bearded Clams 2, Johns Beers 2, E=MC Hammered 2, Assholes 2, Team Schnitzengiggle 1, Ze Dirty Harry's 1

Team Schnitzengiggle: 1st=15, 2nd=4, 3rd=5, 4th=0, 5th=1, 6th=0, Last=1
Sheep Shaggerz: 1st=9, 2nd=10, 3rd=11, 4th=21, 5th=6, 6=1, Last=6

Damaged Goods: 1st=5, 2nd=2, 3rd=6, 4th=3, 5th=0, 6th=0, Last=0
Steingrabbers: 1st=4, 2nd=2, 3rd=0, 4th=2, 5th=0, 6th=0, Last=0
E=MC Hammered: 1st=4, 2nd=10, 3rd=1, 4th=5, 5th=3, 6th=1, Last=2
Ze Dirty Harry's: 1st=4, 2nd=4, 3rd=2, 4th=4, 5th=1, 6th=1, Last=1
Ballsagna: 1st=4, 2nd=4, 3rd=0, 4th=0, 5th=0, 6th=0, Last=0
Thieving Stable Boys: 1st=1, 2nd=7, 3rd=6, 4th=2, 5=0, 6th=0, Last=0
Cheeky Bastard: 1st=1, 2nd=2, 3rd=4, 4th=2, 5th=0, 6th=0, Last=2
Broken Lizard: 1st=1, 2nd=3, 3rd=1, 4th=4, 5th=0, 6th=0, Last=4
John Beers: 1st=1, 2nd=1, 3rd=1, 4th=2, 5th=1, 6th=2, Last=2
Bearded Clams: 1st=0, 2nd=0, 3rd=5, 4th=0, 5th=1, 6th=2, Last=2
Cereal Killers: 1st=0, 2nd=0, 3rd=3, 4th=4, 5th=12, 6th=5, Last=9
Assholes: 1st=0, 2nd=0, 3rd=3, 4th=1, 5th=2, 6th=2, Last=2
Scooter Shooters: 1st=0, 2nd=0, 3rd=1, 4th=3, 5th=3, 6th=0, Last=0
Coocas: 1st=0, 2nd=0, 3rd=0, 4th=2, 5th=3, 6th=2, Last=2
Rainbow Warriors: 1st=0, 2nd=0, 3rd=0, 4th=1, 5th=3, 6th=4, Last=4
Random Hero's: 1st=0, 2nd=0, 3rd=0, 4th=1, 5th= 1, 6th=5, Last=5
Fuck Ups: 1st=0, 2nd=0, 3rd=0, 4th=0, 5th=2, 6th=6, Last=6

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