This team was another that was put together the day of Beerfest.  A father-son team wanted to compete, but they couldn't until they found a 3rd member in Beerfest Alum Ricardo Mercardo.  Their highlight of Beerfest was in the Volume Chug when the father of the team decided he would pound pretty much 3/4 of the 64 ounce glass, although he ended up throwing up to disqualify them from that event.

The Random Hero's ended up last place overall for the competition, but their highlights included 4th place in Ping Pong and 5th place in Bat Spin.  The would have finished 4th in the Volume Chug as well if not for the throwing up DQ.  They finished last play in Turbo Quarters, Flip Cup, Volume Chug (after the DQ), and Thumper.  They did not participate in the final Boat Race event.

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