Don't let the person behind you make their quarter before you, or you're eliminated


This event will be 2-3 rounds (depending on time constraints) if there are 5 or more teams.  If there are 4 or fewer, it will be ran as one big game.  Players will sit in order (Team 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ) like in Thumper.  Of if there are 5 or more teams, one player from each team will play each round.  Every player will be given one quarter.  Players sit in a circle around the table.  The players at opposite sides of the table will start (if there are 6 players, players in seats 1 & 4 could start, also 2 &5, or 3 & 6).  Each player has a cup in front of them, when they make the quarter in their cup, the person to the left then starts shooting their quarter, when the same person is stuck with both quarters, that person is out and must drink their beer.  Play will then resume with the remaining players until there is only two players left.  In a heads up situation, on go both players will shoot their quarters and the first player to make 3 will win the round/game for their team.  Each player will be given a certain amount of points for their place in the round.  These points are strictly for this game, and don't count towards overall point totals.

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