Play a game of ping pong; hit your opponents cup 4 times, or make the ball in your opponents cup.


This event requires 2 players per team per game, however each team member must play at least one game. It will be ran in a "Round Robin" style tourney (if we have 5 or fewer teams).  If there are 6 or more, teams will be split into divisions with 1st in one division playing 1st in the other, 2nd vs. 2nd, etc.  Or if we hold a tournament style competition, it will merely be head to head.

Games will be played under "gentleman's rules" (all lobs, no slamming the ball).  Legal serves must be made.  It is illegal and a one cup penalty to hit an opponents cup on a serve.  You must let the ball bounce once on your side before hitting it.  Game play will take place under normal ping pong rules other than these amendments.  Play will stop when the ball is unsuccessfully returned, double bounces on one side, is double/illegally hit, strikes a cup, or goes in a cup.  However, if a ball hits a cup, and the team hits the ball back and hits the other teams cup, the rebuttal will receive credit for the strike.  Winners will be team with the best record, if two teams have the same record, tiebreaker will first be head to head, then margin of victory.


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