First and foremost, this is a FRIENDLY competition, if you can't handle losing or are short tempered, Beer Fest isn't for you.  Compete and try to win, but if you don't, oh well, at least have fun with it.

Teams will consist of 3 players, each of whom must compete in all events (with the exception of events that only require 2 people).  The competition will be set up in either as a tournament, or for points. 


1. A few small drops or "small" spills during a chug will be considered okay and will not be penalized.

2. Any more than that will be ruled as a 5 second penalty

3. Any major spills will result in a DQ for the round.

If it is a tournament, it will be single elimination (with a consolation bracket so all teams will be guaranteed 3 matchups).  The 1st two rounds will be best of 5 series', and the finals will be a best of 7 series.  To determine what games are played, cards will be drawn (example: A=Beirut, 2=Volume Chug, etc).  Each team will draw 2 cards to determine which games are played.  If the series is tied 2-2 after that, the 5th and deciding game will be a Pint Chug Relay (where all 3 members have 16 ounces of beer, head to head, first to finish their beer advances).  The finals game 7 will be a Das Boot Relay Chug (1st person had a pint, 2nd person has 24 ounces, 3rd person has a 1L Das Boot).

If we end up going with a point style system,  there will be 8 games picked to play, with teams earning points for how they do in each game.  If there happens to be a tie at the end, the teams who are tied will do the Pint Chug Relay to decide the champions.

4 TEAMS: 1ST 10, 2ND 6, 3RD 3, 4TH 1
5 TEAMS: 1ST 10, 2ND 7, 3RD 5, 4TH 3, 5TH 1
6 TEAMS: 1ST 10, 2ND 7, 3RD 5, 4TH 3, 5TH 2, 6TH 1
7 TEAMS: 1ST 10, 2ND 7, 3RD 5, 4TH 4, 5TH 3, 6TH 2, 7TH 1
8 TEAMS: 1ST 10, 2ND 8, 3RD 6, 4TH 5, 5TH 4, 6TH 3, 7TH 2, 8TH 1



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