Eliminate your opponents cups/eliminate your opponents


This event will be ran in the same way as the other pong games.  All 3 teammate are needed, each teammate has a set of 3 cups in front of them, opposing teams are across the table from each other.  It is pretty much the same as Cross Fire, with rapid fire shooting, but you may shoot at any of your opponents cups you choose, when Team A makes one of Team B's cups that cup is removed and play continues.  You may bounce, but like in Beer Pong, the opponents can swat it away.  If two people happen to make it in the same cup, it is considered an explosion and that player is out of the game.  However, since it is a fast paced game, if a cup has been made, and you shoot and it hits the players hand as he is pulling the ball, there is no penalty.  When all three of your cups are out, you are eliminated from the game, which will then continue 3 against 2.  The first team to eliminate all the other teams cups is the winner.           

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