Eliminate your cups faster than your opponents


This event will be ran in the same way as both Ping Pong Beer Pong and Beirut.  It requires 2 teammates, though all teammates must play at least 1 game.  Teammates start on opposite corners of the table with 3 cups in an inverted triangle in front of them.  Each team is given one ball that sits on top of the cups until the game starts.  On "GO" the teammate that starts with  the ball shoots.  This game is fast paced as you do not have to wait for your opponents to shoot.  Teammates must alternate shots (if a ball rolls back, the same player can't shoot twice in a row).  If Team A makes a cup, they pull that cup out and a member of Team B has to wait 5 seconds before they can continue shooting, however Team A just removes the cup and may continue shooting.  If one player on a team clears out all 3 of his cups, he just rolls the ball back to his or her teammate until the teammate clears their cups, first team to clear out all cups, or whoever has cleared the most cups after 5 minutes wins.  If teams are tied, the game will continued under sudden death rules, next team to make a cup wins.

Tiebreakers will be determined first by head to head record, then by total margin of victory (+ or - how many cups won or lost).

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