Be the fastest to finish your beer


This event requires all 3 teammates who will line up in relay chug lines with 2 beers in front of them.  On "GO" the first person on the team chugs one of their cups, when he sits his cup down, the 2nd person on the team chugs one of his cups, spillage or early picking up of the cup will result in a time penalty.  When the 2nd finishes, the anchor must then chug his 2 cups back to back (or he may use a bigger glass to put both beers in to chug all at once.  Then the 2nd person chugs his 2nd cup, and the 1st person chugs his 2nd cup, when he finishes his beer and sits the cup on the table, the clock will stop (basically down and back chug line), fastest time wins.  Originally, teams were allowed to do two heats if they choose to do so, but after consideration, it was thought best to keep this to one round.

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