Eliminate all your opponents cups before they eliminate yours.


This event will be ran in the same format as the Ping Pong Beer Pong., and will require all 3 teammates and 15 cups per side.

In order to ensure there is no arguments about a ball hitting beer or not hitting beer, there will be no fingering/blowing.  As such, there will be no "fire" rule. 

Cups must remain visible at all times (no covering with hats/arms; however attempting to distract is okay)

There will be a 10 minute time limit, and a 30 second shot clock to ensure there is no stalling by teams who are ahead when time is running out.

If 2 of the 3 teammates make it, only those 2 get an extra shot ("balls back") 

If two teammates make it in the same cup, it is an "explosion"  and all cups that are touching are out, if all 3 teammates make the same cup, it is an automatic win (courtesy pulls are allowed).

If the ball rolls back passed the half court line and you get if before it hits the ground, you will be awarded an extra shot.

Bounces are worth 2 cups, but may be swatted away as soon as the ball hits the table, on a successful bounce the defenders choose the extra cup that is eliminated. 

You will be allotted 2 re-racks a game, however no re-racks after explosions or balls back (you must wait for a new round to re-rack). 

The first team that successfully eliminates all their opponents cups wins the game, however the other team may have a chance at a rebuttal, or whoever has cleared the most cups after the 10 minute time limit.  If all players make the balls the last round , there will be no rebuttal.  A successful rebuttal eliminates all the other team's cups from play.  If a team makes a successful rebuttal, there will be a 4 cup overtime where there are no rebuttals or re-racks.  You can choose how you want your OT rack as either a diamond or a square.  The team that took out all the other teams cups first will shoot first in overtime.

Tiebreakers will first be decided by head to head, then margin of victory (how many cups in total you won-lost by).

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