Event #1: Turbo Quarters:

Sheep Shaggers: 1:30.75 (10 points)

Team Schnitzengiggle: 1:31.29 (6 points)

Cheeky Bastards: 1:38.97 (3 points)

Broken Lizard: 4:12.73 (1 point)

Team Schnitzengiggle drew the ace to go first in the event and had the best time in the first heat with 1:31.29.  Cheeky Bastards were up next and clocked in with a time of 2:30.72.  Broken Lizard was next with a time of 4:12.73, and last but not least in the first heat was Sheep Shaggers in at 4:00.06.  Broken Lizard took a scratch in the 2nd round, followed up with the Sheep Shaggers beating Team Schnitzengiggle's time by about half a second at 1:30.75.  Cheeky Bastards were next and improved to 1:38.97, and Team Schnitzengiggle followed with a DNF.

Event #2: Baseball Bat Chug

Team Schnitzengiggle: 00:39.97 (10, 16 overall)

Cheeky Bastards: 00:40.89 (6, 9 overall)

Sheep Shaggers: 00:44.68 (3, 13 overall)

Broken Lizard: 00:50.01 (1, 2 overall)

Sheep Shaggers started this event with a time of 44.68,  Cheeky Bastards were next in line with a 40.89.  Broken Lizard was next up with a time of 50.01, followed up by Team Schnitzengiggle at 39.97.

Event #3: Ping Pong Beer Pong

Cheeky Bastards: 3-0 (10, 19)

Sheep Shaggers: 2-1 (6, 19)

Team Schnitzengiggle: 1-2 (3, 19)

Broken Lizard: 0-3 (1, 3)

The first game pitted Team Schnitzengiggle against Broken Lizard, Schnitz won the game 4-3 although Broken Lizard had the shot of the night with Jeff slamming the ball into a cup nearly knocking it over. Cheeky Bartards then played the Sheep Shaggers, where they won 4-1.  The 2nd round started with Sheep Shaggers taking on Broken Lizard where the Shaggers won 4-3, coming back from being down 3-1.  Cheeky  Bastards then pitched a shut out against Team Schnitzengiggle 4-0.  The final round saw Cheeky Bastards beat Broken Lizard 4-1, and also saw the only make of the night with Chad winning the game for Sheep Shaggers 4-0 against Team Schnitzengiggle, to make a 3-way tie for 1st place in the overall standings.

Event #4: Boat Race

Team Schnitzengiggle: 00:29.50 (10, 29)

Broken Lizard: 00:36.14 (6, 9)

Cheeky Bastards: 00:44.32 (3, 22)

Sheep Shaggers: 00:51.43 (1, 20)

Sheep Shaggers drew the ace in this round and set a time of 51.43.  Broken Lizard followed up with a dominating performance by anchorman Doug (4.68 chug) and clocked in with a time of 36.14.  Next up was Cheeky Bastards with a time of 44.32.  And finally Team Schnitzengiggle clocked in at 29.50 to take the event.

Event #5: Thumper

Team Schnitzengiggle: 1st (10, 39)

Cheeky Bastards: 2nd (6, 28)

Sheep Shaggers: 3rd (3, 23)

Broken Lizard: 4th (1, 10)

Thumper was quite the event, it came down to Chad of the Sheep Shaggers, Lumpy of Team Schnitzengiggle and Kenny & Gil of Cheeky Bastards.  Lump used being left-handed to his advantage and knocked out Chad and Gil with left-handed gestures.

Event #6: Beirut (Beer Pong)

Team Schnitzengiggle: 3-0 (10, 49)

Broken Lizard: 2-1 (6, 16)

Cheeky Bastards: 1-2 (3, 31)

Sheep Shaggers: 0-3 (1, 24)

The first game pitted Team Schnitzengiggle against Sheep Shaggers where Team Schitz won by 3 cups.  Broken Lizard then defeated Cheeky Bastards by one cup. Cheeky Bastards then defeated Sheep Shaggers by 3 cups in the 2nd round to improve to 1-1. Broken Lizard and Team Schnitzengiggle then went into overtime after a successful rebuttal where Schnitz completed the comeback victory.  The final round saw Broken Lizard defeat the Sheep Shaggers by 2 cups to clinch 2nd place, and Team Schnitzengiggle defeat the Cheeky Bastards so seal 1st.

Event #7: Flip Cup

Team Schnitzengiggle: 00:20.00 (10, 59)

Broken Lizard: 00:30.71 (6, 22)

Cheeky Bastards: 00:35.32 (3, 34)

Sheep Shaggers: 00:50.56 (1, 25)

Broken Lizard started off this event, and clocked in with a 30.71 which was the best time in the first heat.  Sheep Shaggers were next with a time of 50.56, followed up by Team Schnitzengiggle with a time of 52.57.  Cheeky Bastards closed out the first round with a 38.21.  In the 2nd round Team Schnitzengiggle started with a 20.00.  Sheep Shaggers ended up with a DNF for their 2nd round, then Cheeky Bastards finished with a 35.32, and Broken Lizard took a scratch.

Event #8: Volume Chug

Team Schnitzengiggle: 00:42.65 (10, 69)

Sheep Shaggers: 00:46.69 (6, 31)

Broken Lizard: 1:07.66 (3, 25)

Cheeky Bastards: 1:26.05 (1, 35)

Broken Lizard started this event with a time of 1:07.66.  Next up were Cheeky Bastards who clocked in at 1:26.05.  Then Team Schnitzengiggle came in at 37.65, but there was a spillage penalty which moved their time to 42.65.  Finally the Sheep Shaggers clocked in at 46.69.

Event #9: Team Quarters

Broken Lizard: 10 (10, 35)

Team Schnitzengiggle: 9 (6, 75)

Sheep Shaggers: 8 (3, 34)

Cheeky Bastards: 5 (1, 36)

Cheeky Bastards went 1st in this game and made 5 out of 30 quarters as a team, Sheep Shaggers were up next making 8 of 30 quarters, followed by Broken Lizard who made 2 of 30.  Team Schnitzengiggle was last making 9 out of 30.  In the 2nd round two Broken Lizard teammates left, so Doug shot all 30 by himself and made 10 of 30. Cheeky Bastards 2nd attempt was 4 of 30, followed by Sheep Shaggers who didn't beat their first heat, and finally Schnitzengiggle who made 8 of 30.


TEAM SCHNITZENGIGGLE                            75 POINTS

CHEEKY BASTARDS                                        36 POINTS

BROKEN LIZARD                                             35 POINTS

SHEEP SHAGGERS                                           34 POINTS

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