Spin 5 times with your head down on a bat, cross the patio and chug a beer, then come back and tag your teammate who does the same


A referee will say "Go" and the 1st player will spin 5 times with his head down on a baseball bat.  After that, you will walk,  run, hop, skip, or fall down across the patio and chug a 12 oz beer.  Then come back and tag your teammate, who will spin 5 times on the bat, cross the patio, and chug a 12 oz beer, come back, and tag the 3rd teammate who spins, crosses the patio, and chugs, the 3rd teammate doesn't have to come back the patio as the clock will stop when they sit their cup down.  Fastest Time is the winner.  You can choose to do a 2nd heat, although it is not required and the teammate that went last can't go last again.  Minor spills will be time penalties, major spills will result in a DQ for the round.


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